Arches National Park

This amazing land is as mysterious as the number of Native American tribes that inhabited it and feel the spiritual power of the rock formations.

3 Sisters
A unique rock formation with the appearance of 3 sisters standing in conversation... Entrance to Utah's Arches National Park reveals beautiful rock formations...
No question of where these stones came from...built by God. Millions of years to form these artistic rocks are now here for our enjoyment.
Devils Inferno
The incredible changing landscape is dramatic when the sunset shines on only the bare rocks below giving this art piece an inferno look below a transparent mountain...
Looking Glass
For thousands of years, observing the night sky has been fundamental to human life and survival. The dark sky at Arches is one of the few places we can observe this , especially through the Looking Glass
Balancing Act
The balancing of huge boulders on miniscual points is a wonder of nature that boggles the mind. Arches amazing sites can only be explained by powerful spirits watching over Native Americans.
Eye of God
As we dwell upon the rocks formations and how they became the way they are with explanations of time and wind and rain and water... Oh all created by God !
Passages in Time
A process of creation for over 65 million years. The Divine has been hard at work so we may enjoy his creations in our lifetime. The art is yet to be finished.
Homeward Bound
Winding roads through the mountains, valleys and canyons of Utah presents extraordinary views of art created by God that is so breathtaking that you must stop and soak it in on your way home.
Home Sweet Home
This old homestead in Utah reminds us of a time when you made your own way with hard work. Though it may not have agreed with the boy that was raised here...Butch Cassidy...
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