Our Vision

We are committed to the preservation of God’s most perfect creations here on earth before they totally disappear from our very eyes.
Due to the destruction of modernization.

Lynn Patrick Boutté  our Photographic Artist…
In creating each memorialization Channels the Love of Life and the Expression of the One Eternal Spirit… The Divine.
So it will never be totally Lost.

This pictorial quest includes the … realms of Heaven and Earth … Fire and Water … and the Sacred Life that dwells upon it.

Each work of Art… herein is a Memoria of God’s Divine Creations…  Of Earth and it’s Inhabitants.

We Welcome You to join with us in this profound Journey of Light…

Love in the Light of God to All…           Lynn Boutté
As we open Vistas of the Divine’s Creations …Through sharing with you the unimaginable beauty of his Earthly and Heavenly realms.

Enjoy the Visions I Have Captured for You Through God's Light

What We Will do for You
* Provide you with Beautiful Breathtaking Image Art
* Offering Complete Interior Design Services for Home & Office
* Design Services:  Brochures , Marketing , Advertising

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